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My favourite place to gather is the kitchen. Come and test new recipes with me and I'll talk your ear off about my favourite ingredient du jour.



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Medicinal recipes for the soul

All the recipes will be good for your mind, body and soul, full of the vitamins and minerals you need to nourish yourself and give your body what it needs to recuperate and support you truly living your life.


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Interview series


Real talk with entrepreneurs in the conscious food industry

We don't always have the opportunity to cook every meal, so I want to highlight some incredible local food companies you can buy from that are forward thinking and innovative in how they produce food. What you'll find here are companies that make your health a priority in the products they create, consider the impact to the environment with their sourcing and packaging, and have a larger social impact goal in what they do. 


No. 4

Daniel Edler @ 49 Below ice cream

Who wouldn't love a business that delivered delicious ice creams straight to your door? 49 Below is a subscription based small batch ice cream company that uses locally sourced ingredients to craft unique and tasty flavours (like Vietnamese Coffee!).

Daniel is one of the food entrepreneurs innovating the local food scene through creative thinking and collaboration. Listen in to discover where in Victoria you can get a mocha float with his ice cream!


No. 3


Chocolate can be healthy? Meet Chocolatier Audrey Wong, who makes gourmet chocolates using raw, whole food ingredients. Listen in to hear how she makes delicious creamy chocolates without dairy, the health benefits of consuming her products, and where you can find her workshops so you can learn to make your own chocolate! 


No. 2


Meet Co-Founder of Gaia Ma Foods, Chloe Devine. Their company is a farm to festival organic, plant based food truck that serves delicious foods to cultivate consciousness and health. Listen to our conversation to learn more about why they do what they do, what they're serving, and how to find them for your next event.


No. 1

Amanda Slater @ Rebel Soup

With a moto of less waste, more soup, what's not to love? Listen to my conversation with entrepreneur Amanda Slater who founded Rebel Soup in Vancouver, B.C., as a zero-waste food company that aims to change people's perceptions of "ugly" vegetables and reduce the amount of food wasted simply because it does not look right. 


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