Catering Offer: Creating Food Experiences


I'm bringing my love of creating nourishing and healthy foods in the Kitchen to real time.


I've always thought it was strange when I attended negotiation meetings that required focus, attention, compassion and connection that sugary muffins and fruit were served. It seemed contrary to the energy of the meeting; the muffins were an unhealthy offering that fuelled blood sugar imbalances and energy fluctuations, when they could have chose nourishing food that gave them the strength and grounding they required to have productive conversations.

We look at food as a logistical item when in reality it is so much more.

Food is the silent backbone to people's experience of an event: it’s delicious, healthy and the deep breathe that people need to slow down and experience where they are: a retreat, wedding, celebration of life or simple gathering of friends.

My food creates a mood, ambiance and experience that matches the essence and progression of energy at your event. 

I'm offering catering for multi-day retreats, intimate gatherings or one-day events where you want to create a food experience for your guests. I focus on homemade, local, sustainable, vegan and gluten free foods that never compromise on flavour. We co-develop the menu depending on the experience you want to create. 


Sample Food Experience

I catered a 3-day retreat for Author Danielle Rondeau on Bowen Island, BC. I created the food experience to support the mental and emotional experience the guests were experiencing: warming and healthy comfort foods on the first day attending as participants began to open up about their story, share, and be vulnerable with each other for the first time (my go-to rice bowl was perfect: brown rice, creamy dairy free tahini sauce, steamed spinach, local Tempea Tempeh from Vancouver and shiitake crisps).

The second day I served foods that continued to be comforting, and also supported participants digestion as they developed awarenesses about themselves and started to see the blocks and patterns they'd created in their life. The food supported their bodies in physically digesting the information they'd learned and nourished them from the inside out. My Shiitake & Greens Miso Soup was a perfect pairing with lots of fresh ginger, fresh turmeric, garlic and miso.

The third day I served food that was spicy, bold and flavourful to match the new step forward the participants were taking, having shed old layers and feeling confident about where they are headed. One of the dishes I prepared was a quinoa and black bean salad with a creamy dairy free chipotle dressing, topped with cilantro, fresh made corn, celery and red pepper.

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