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Kristin Price

Founder of Gather & Stay

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Kristin Price is a champion for human beings getting to be human and creating a world where emotional and mental health is not only de-stigmatized but that people re-invent their relationship to themselves and find release, presence and joy in their lives. A nutritional consultant, professional coach and brilliant writer, she works with individuals and organizations seeking to make lives and food products healthier.

Kristin graduated with first degree honours from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Her fascination with how food impacts our mental health led her to concentrate her studies in learning the science, emotional health and preventative care aspects of stress and adrenal fatigue, finding that it's not only what we eat that impacts our health, it's the thoughts we tell ourselves that contribute to mental wellbeing. 


In her life-long pursuit to explore how human beings connect, make decisions, and respond to fear, Kristin has done extensive personal development and life coach training. She graduated from a year long coach training program, Accomplishment Coaching, and then becoming a mentor coach with the same organization to undertake intensive leadership training. Kristin is dedicated to the continual discovery of self through coaching and has invested significant time, energy and money on her own personal development, including training with some of the top coaches in the world, working weekly with her own coach, and continually reading books from top thought leaders.


Kristin has a Bachelor of Arts degree in History with a minor in Applied Ethics from the University of Victoria, a degree that has been a powerful lesson in how the past will inform the future unless intentional action is taken to create a different outcome. 


Kristin has spent over 10 years studying, practicing and modelling interpersonal communication and how we use conversation and relationships to move goals forward, experiences she applies in to her health coaching. She has trained extensively in interest-based negotiations, conflict resolution, and interpersonal communication while working in First Nation rights negotiations across British Columbia. Her work included creating a conflict resolution course for leaders to learn best practices in how to create win-win outcomes, facilitating negotiations, and having difficult conversations to reach resolution. 


Her commitment to exploration and living life has taken her to all corners of the globe, including solo backpacking trips to Indonesia, Singapore, Honduras, Hawaii and Mexico, and travels to Australia, Fiji, Costa Rica, Europe and Thailand. She is a lover of the underwater world, testing her limits with a no-cage shark dive, strong-current diving and deep water diving. She has summited an active volcano on a 3-day hike, learned to surf on the north shore, and explored ancient cultures in the remote jungles of Central America.


The culmination of her work has led her to launch Gather & Stay, a movement dedicated to nourishing connections with oneself, others and nature as the foundation for a life well lived.


food consulting


Kristin works with healthy food companies on product development, freelance writing and recipe creation, guest blogging, brand ambassador programs, sponsorships, speaking and other media relations opportunities.

Companies she's collaborated with include: Honest Spoon, Raw Foodz, Wonderfully Raw, Spread'Em Kitchen, Frozen Coconut, Raw Energy, Hippie Foods, Fresh Prep, Vital Supply Co, Can Prev and Fresh in Your Fridge.



Invite Kristin to speak on the following topics

  • health & wellness
  • nutrition
  • implementing holistic health practices
  • stress reduction / adrenal fatigue
  • vision building
  • authenticity & vulnerability
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PODCASTS & Interviews


Conscious Living Show, January 2017

Is Vulnerability a Weakness?



Kristin's writing has been featured in a number of popular publications, highlights including

  • ghost writing for a person who has appeared on Super Soul Sunday and named by Oprah as an influential thought leader;
  • having one of her articles in the Daily Hive picked up by Global News and landing her client on the Friday 6pm news; and 
  • her Elephant Journal article receiving over 61,000 views and being featured on the popular page for a week.
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