Working with Kristin has absolutely transformed my life. She is insightful, genuine, and able to pinpoint and illuminate truths I would never have come to on my own. Together we remove barriers I once considered permanent, and I am left feeling happier and more confident in my job, relationships, and myself. Doing the work with Kristin feels easy, and immensely rewarding!
— Angela Heathfield
I contacted Kristin at a time when things in my life were already lined up and I was excited to get up in the morning, yet somehow still felt overwhelmed with stresses of daily life. Her coaching taught me a powerful new way to identify my personal strengths and do things from this new lens. Her personality is stellar for coaching effectively - she is very attentive to individuality, genuine, and has the most comforting voice. I am now using the tools she taught me to intentionally keep myself from becoming overwhelmed with to do lists, and to take more effective breaks without guilt.
— Radina Droumeva, Photographer
My experience with Kristin has been amazing, she’s incredibly kind and attentive. I really felt like she was listening to my individual and she took the time to provide useful and relevant advice... along with some delicious recipes that my whole family is enjoying! As a mom, business owner and wife, it’s tough to find the time to fit it all in but Kristin reminded me of all the reasons why I should keep my health a priority and her suggestions were not difficult to fit into my schedule at all. In fact, they have made my routine easier as I am now nourishing myself with the foods to keep me energized all day long. Thank you Kristin, I would recommend you to everyone!!
— Lori Crump, Entrepreneur
Kristin, thank you for providing me with the safe place to have my ‘Ah Ha’ moment. ‘I was the happiest when I was in my kitchen making soup’ That moment, that awareness, allowed me to choose my happiness, choose me and the life I want. One bowl of soup at a time.
— Amanda Slater, Founder of Rebel Soup
I am honoured to say that Kristin Price has supported me in shifting my perspective on my lifestyle, well-being and self-love. Kristin, you truly have a gift and know how to hold the space needed to grow and look within. Thank you for sharing what you do.
— Kasia Wolowski, Holistic Nutritionist & Life Coach
Kristin Price has been my coach and I am eternally grateful for the experience of our partnership. Kristin has a wonderful demeanor, a kind & gentle manner, with a great talent for effective questioning to provoke one’s thought processing. The removal of stops one imposes on self and opening to possibilities is liberating and Kristin is indeed a caring partner to working alongside in one’s discovery and moving towards goals, projects and dreams.

Kristin is warm, encouraging, non-judgemental, both loving and nurturing thought-out this journey. I am very happy to recommend Kristin, without any hesitation.
— Brenda J. Rich, Manager
Kristin was my first coach. At the time, I was stuck: unable to return to my career due to chronic injury, and unable to support myself financially or emotionally as a result. Her kindness and gentleness as she frankly and fearlessly explored my situation was exactly what my heart had needed... and it transformed how I looked at myself, my world, and my ability to contribute to the world. She saw me as I had been struggling to see myself: as someone who was better because of the pain and suffering I had gone through, who had grown and had something special to offer as a result, who was whole in a new way, that I hadn’t been before my car accident. A single pebble can change the course of a river, if it’s put in the right spot. My time with Kristin truly changed the course of my life. With her support, I’ve started a new career, which I love, and which has the potential to provide for me financially even if I’m not able to work full time. More importantly, Kristin’s coaching was a watershed moment, breaking the dam of my beliefs around who I was, who I was supposed to be, and the incredible, strong, empathetic woman that I was becoming. Though my life is different than I expected, it is balanced, full of happiness, full of hope. Kristin helped me create that, by helping me see that it was possible. She isn’t just a talented and technically capable coach with a vast arsenal of wellness and other tools to share with clients; she is a genuinely loving person whose ability to hold space and provide care for others is beautiful and transformative. I highly recommend her!!
— Kathryn Hogan, Author & Wellness Coach
Kristin is a brilliant young entrepreneur. I first met Kristin during a coach training program, immediately I was present to her ability to care for those around her. She brings a well thought-out and intelligent approach to her business, both in the way she plans her services and the way she cares for clients. Kristin has become an excellent resource for both outside the box perspectives and forward leaning growth. Her integrated community mindset lends to a modern style and fantastically simplistic message; Live well.
— James Butler, CEO Reclaiming Warrior
Kristin is a professional, intelligent coach and entrepreneur. She brings solid, direct, powerful coaching as a life coach and a wellness coach. As professional as Kristin is she also caring in all that she does and for all those she meets. I am proud to be associated with Kristin.
— Tommy Price, Life Coach