Spinach Gomae with Sesame Sauce

This recipe is dedicated to me, for finding all the ways that I can use the Irresistible Tahini Sauce in recipes rather than eating it directly from the jar.  

In all seriousness though, the flavour is amazing, and the ingredients are fairly simple (very simple if you've already made the tahini sauce and have it in the fridge!). 

When I was vegan it was alway a struggle to get more plant-based iron in my diet. Spinach is that classic example of where to get plant-based spinach, and the sesame dressing is also rich in iron. By steaming the spinach it makes the nutrients more bioavailable to our bodies, and it also allows us to consume way more spinach than the average serving. Two handfuls of raw spinach is about 1/2 cup of steamed spinach. 

Plus, I'm doing my body good while enjoying each bite.


Vegan. Gluten Free. Whole Foods Based. Refined Sugar Free. iron rich.

This is a great recipe to make if:

  • you're trying to up your greens intake but are tired of salads;
  • you want a unique appetizer for a dinner party;
  • you're looking to up your iron intake on a plant-based diet.

Gomae 2.JPG



Serves 4


  • Make the Tahini Sauce, reserving the remaining sauce in a jar in the fridge.
  • Steam the spinach.
  • Serve in small bowls mixed with Tahini Sauce. Add more or less Tahini Sauce to taste.

Gomae with shiitake.JPG