Simple Homemade Coconut Yogurt

It's hard to imagine the most indulgent, thick, creamy, sweet and tangy yogurt is healthy - and it is. 

What makes this even better? It's so simple to make, with only two ingredients. 

I love yogurt, but I don't love the added sugar or the dairy. What I noticed in recovering from adrenal fatigue and rebalancing my hormones is that dairy really increased my PMS. Most cows are treated with antibiotics as a preventative measure to protect the cows from getting an infection, and they're also given hormones to keep them lactating for a longer time period than they usually would.

And all of that is added in to the dairy we drink - milk, yogurt and cheese (unless you get it from a source that specifically doesn't practice this, usually organic farms).

I'm far from perfect, and while I don't eat dairy regularly, I do succumb to parties with cheese platters and ice cream because it's so damn hard to stay away!  

So instead of restricting my foods and suffering (or eating dairy and suffering), I create recipes that give me that delicious taste I'm looking for, like this coconut yogurt, so that I can have what I want without the side effects.

PS - if cheese is your affliction, you must check out this book for amazing recipes on how to make your own nut cheeses from our very own local cheese maker Blue Heron Creamery in Vancouver, The Art of Cheese-Making: How to Craft Real, Cultured, Non-Dairy Cheese. Prefer to just buy it? Check out her website for locations where you can buy her products.

Diary Free, Vegan, Gluten Free, Sugar Free. 

This recipe is great to make if:

  • you want to give up dairy but don't want to give up your favourite foods that are traditionally dairy based
  • you want to reduce sugar in your diet
  • you're looking to reduce bloating and bad digestion
Coconut Yogurt.JPG

ingredients & directions


  • In a bowl, mix together the coconut milk and probiotic capsule. The cap is easy to pull apart at the middle, (don't put the plastic part of the capsule in the mix!).
  • Place saran wrap over the coconut milk so that it is resting on the mixture and there are no air bubbles. This is anaerobic fermentation, so you don't want it exposed to air. 
  • Place the bowl out of the way on the counter, and let it sit for 12-36hrs. The length of time depends on how warm it is in your kitchen. Taste test after 12 hours. I noticed it tasted tangy, and left it for another 12hrs and it thickened up like you'd expect of a greek yogurt.
  • Store it in the fridge once it's reached the taste that you like. It will technically last at least a week, though I found I ate it way too fast to test that theory!  
  • Note: fermentation can be finicky. I've done this before and had it taste off, so don't eat it if it has a taste of mould or tastes off. 

Flavour ideas

Coconut yogurt and granola.JPG
  • juice of half a lemon + 1/8 tsp zest + 2 tsp raw honey
  • served with fresh cut mango + granola 
  • cacao nibs + cinnamon + toasted pecans + banana + maple syrup
  • toasted walnuts + sauteed cinnamon apples

Let me know what combination you love most!