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Are You Addicted to Stress?

It's common human behaviour to try and solve stress by looking for more relaxation in your life. Seems logical, right? Rather than looking at ways to reduce stress, I'll actually challenge you to look at where you need stress in your life. It's only from looking at that relationship that we can truly feel relaxation and ease. 

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Finding Joy in the Unexpected

I was in the bedroom post-shower putting on my cozy pyjamas and feeling so fresh and clean when the cat came in with something in his mouth. I looked at him wide-eyed and quickly told him to go back outside. He must have thought I said "drop it" and set the very much alive mouse down on the ground. It ran and hid under a bag.

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The Secret Ingredient

I wish I could say it's perfectly clear and I'm two feet in and skipping down the street loving my life 100% of the time, but that would be a lie and just further perpetuate these impossible ideals many of us set up for ourselves based on comparing ourselves to others.

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