I stopped trying to beat anxiety

Conversations on anxiety still largely occur behind closed doors, where you have to "beat" it so you can be strong again.


Language is a powerful insight into what we believe to be true about the world.

Rather than "beat anxiety" as if the anxious thoughts are my enemy to conquer, I'd rather turn and face it with compassion. Anxiety is a manifestation of fear, and fear is a biologically protective response. The fear barometer reading may be off in what is actually life-threatening, but nevertheless, it's act of love to make sure I don't get hurt.

I've left behind the weak/strong judgment on anxiety and rather relate to it as a companion. My companion doesn't get to be in the driver's seat, or change the radio station, but can come along for the ride.

I practice curiosity and continually seek to understand her at a deeper level so when her guidance arrives in the form of anxiety, I have clarity on what's actually underneath the concern for my health (or however your anxious thoughts manifest).


In this new relationship, I suffer less. I accept myself for having emotion. I'm grounded in who I am.


It takes a tremendous amount of courage to face fears that you've related to as true. What if they weren't? What would change in your life if you didn't have to spend the mental energy fighting anxiety? Comment below and bring this topic in to the light.

Love, Kristin