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What would it be like for someone to hold space for you?

You live a full life; there’s always something to do. Lately, you’ve been feeling off – there’s something out of balance with you, but with the schedule you’re committed to, there hasn’t been time to take the break just for yourself.


In fact, you probably already know the spot that’s out of balance, and there’s something that’s in the way of you taking the next step.


Maybe you’re not feeling powerful. Maybe the voice in your head that tells you you’re not good enough gets really loud. Maybe you’re burnt out and don’t have the emotional capacity to deal with it.


You just don’t feel like yourself. You know you're not reliable to take the time you need without the structure of someone supporting you. 


This program is your break.


I listen to you. I hear you. And I mean really hear you. I give you that much needed time to stop, reflect, release, and say the things you’ve been pushing to the back of your mind. All of it, even the nasty things you never want to admit to thinking.


There’s no judgement from me. You hold it together for so many people, and it’s my turn to offer you the same partnership. You'll actually feel the weight lift off your shoulders.


We clear all of the clutter in your mind so that you can see what comes next with clarity. Think of this as cleaning your mental space; you wouldn’t redo your bedroom by stacking all the new things on top of the old, and we don’t do that with your well-being, either.


With levity, we’ll look at the patterns that come up and get in your way and bring awareness on how to navigate through them and get a different result. We’ll distinguish how those patterns serve to protect you, whether they're working, and what you can do differently to have the outcome you want.


I'll support you to separate fact from fiction in what you fear and what you get anxious about. 


This isn't counselling: you're not looking back to heal childhood wounds, rather you're understanding yourself at a deeper level to practice deciding what you want and how to get there. 


With this understanding you’ll begin to see life from a completely different lens, one that allows your power, radiance and authentic self to shine through more and more.


By the end of our time together you’ll have more clarity, feel less stressed, be grounded in yourself, and confident in knowing what comes next.


The insight you create will impact every area of your life: how you show up for yourself, how you experience yourself, your intimate and friend relationships, your communication style, how you are at work, what you're doing for work, how you approach health, and many more.  


You’ll be nourished.

What's included

1:1 coaching and mentorship from Kristin

6 x one-hour phone or Zoom coaching calls & practices outside our calls

Tools, resources, and readings to support your journey

Text & phone support between sessions


Investment: $600


Ready to be nourished?