Self Care is the Antidote to Modern Society


It's no coincidence that the idea of self care is more popular than it ever has been before (though not a new concept). In the article "The Millennial Obsession with Self Care," the author talks about the rise of technology as a factor in its popularity.


I would go one step further: we are increasingly in a world where we are constantly digitally connected, able to consume hundreds of items of news in just a coffee break, constantly have a device on us to which we can be contacted and receiving information 24/7.


Self care is an antidote to modern society.


Twenty years ago we didn't need it to the degree we do now. People wrote letters, which you responded to, and the whole interaction took days or weeks. Now, it can be done via email in an hour.


Twenty years ago you went on a hike and took photos with a film camera, which you created a photo album with. Now, you have a cell phone and post on Facebook as soon as you reach the summit.


Twenty years ago you went on vacation and were offline for the two weeks. Now, you have to exercise willpower to not check your cell phone twice per day.


The speed at which we can live and consume our lives has radically increased, and self care is the reaction to it to cultivate the presence, slowing down and rest in to our lives that technological advancement took away.


Self care has now had to become an intentional practice rather than a byproduct of how we live. It has become an intentional choice to put down the phone, de-stress and step away from the chaotic lifestyles that we often lead.


Self care isn't indulgent or weak, it's about creating your natural balance and health in your body that you were designed to have. 


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