Recreate your life


The world works in cycles, and so does this program.


First, we RESET

Going back to basics, we give your soul the rest & recuperation it so desperately needs.
We look into your deepest desires, and the stubborn habits that get in their way. We set you up for some rest – however that looks in your world. Consider this phase a spa vacation for the soul.

Then, we RENEW

Together, we’ll lay a brand new foundation for a new way of living, one that speaks to what we discovered while resetting the real you.

Finally, you REVIVE

Your plans, your growth, your dreams and ambitions. But now, with a strong foundation underneath you, growth doesn’t feel like work. It becomes a natural expression of how you live.

And then, as needed, we do it all again. 

Because wellness is a foundation, and sometimes you have to slow down to move forward.

What does your soul say?

It’s so easy to fall prey to busy

It’s so easy to see '1-year program' and instantly push it away, because who has the time? And it’s so easy to careen towards the cliff of burn-out, pedalling faster and faster until you can’t slow down, and fall over the edge.

It’s a choice, in this moment:

1 year of your life to rebuild, or an exhausted soul and cycle of burn-out?

What do you choose? What does your soul say?

The tangible parts

 What’s included



  • Three 1-on-1 coaching sessions per month
  • Unlimited text and phone support
  • A private Facebook group community to connect with others who are taking on the same challenges you are (this one’s optional; you can pick and choose your participation level)

To reset your health

  • A customized nutritional analysis and recommendations specific for you to get your wellness sourced
  • Strategies for moving through your stops: what’s holding you back, and how can you unshackle yourself?

Once your foundation's in place

  • One 3-hour visioning session to plan the road ahead
  • An actionable plan to build the life you want
  • A few special surprises through the year (because who doesn’t love a surprise?!)

What you get

The intangible

but oh-so-important

  • First and foremost: your good health!
  • Drastically reduced stress & overwhelm
  • Confidence in and full expression of your true Self
  • Connection: no more walking this path alone
  • Awareness of your unique gifts and what you have to offer
  • Growth like you’ve never experienced it before



Before we get down to the hard dollars & cents, let’s make sure this is the program for you.

If you’re still reading, chances are there’s something here that’s speaking to you on a deep level.

Let's have a chat to see if we're a fit.