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Try something new


It's tempting to look for quick strategies to fix the problems with your health.

You want a magic solution because you've got a list a mile long of things to do, and you just don't have the time to cook for hours or spend all day Sunday focusing on you. 

So you do the best you can. But each time you have a surge of energy and optimism, you seem to come back straight to where you were: overwhelmed, stressed, and tired. It's an exhausting cycle.


It's not just about waking up every day rested, joyful and optimistic about the day.


Because you're human. And perfectly imperfect. Not every day is going to be magical with sunshine and fairies.


It's about waking up each day and being able to live in the full spectrum of emotion, where you get to fully experience the incredible gifts life has to offer.


Where you have the capacity to handle the challenges that come your way with grace and ease, and that you're not always teetering on the edge of the next thing being the straw that breaks the camel's back.

Where you feel GOOD in your body and the foods you fuel yourself with nourish you physically, mentally and emotionally.


You want to stop living tightly wound up and start living with the freedom to express who you are.

Co-create your health


My Job

I'm your partner in your health journey, because life isn't meant to be done alone. I am your peanut butter to your jelly and your sea salt to your avocado.  

I also call you forward: I draw out what inspires you and I remind you, as many times as necessary, of why you're taking on this health journey. I see you as your highest and greatest, and lovingly call you on your bs.

Your Job

Your job is to show up, believe that what you want to achieve is possible, and take the steps to get there based on our co-created plan that works for your life. 

Your life is not a problem to be solved, it is a beautiful creation to be lived. 



Each month

  • Three one-hour coaching sessions per month. We'll look inwards, distinguish your unique survival mechanisms, your essence, and how to move out of your own way
  • Unlimited text and spot-coaching calls throughout the month
  • Guest coaching and resources from specialized coaches in our private Facebook group (optional)


  • You won't be 'shoulding' yourself anymore when it comes to what you're doing with your health (and life)
  • You've shifted, grounded and aligned with who you really are, and your good health is an expression of that
  • You feel more confident and radiant in who you are
  • You can identify what you want and need and have the steps to make that vision a reality
  • You understand yourself in a new way that creates a freedom of expression and the weight off your shoulders to be perfect
  • you're creating, not surviving, your life



$3000 for 6 months

I'm in it for the long haul with you, and we're not running a race. 


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