The Spa provides space to reset and recharge. 
Take off your shoes & take a deep breath... it's time to focus on you. 

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...Calm your Soul.

It's one thing to have strategies for your health and a completely different thing to implement them. How to eat healthy is a no-brainer - but if you don't do it, you won't see differences in how you feel.

I've seen first hand how important it is to take care of ourselves and confront how we cat get in our own way.

You can get enough sleep AND be successful, you can take breaks AND get everything done. I would argue that they go hand in hand: rest feeds your brain. Imagine the impact you could have if you had the mental clarity that comes with being rested and nourished. 

Imagine not getting frustrated over little things, having better communication with those around you, being more efficient because you're not trying to do everything... and not beating yourself up over everything I just listed.

Let's bring out the brilliance in you.


Stay grounded

Weekly email series

sunday self care

Sunday Self Care is so much more than your average weekly email with classic self care practices: it's designed to gently uncover layers of beliefs, stories and 'truths' that influence mental and emotional health with practices and actions you can take now to live a good life.


Let's partner together to co-create and inspire your healthy life. We look at the whole picture - balancing your physical, mental and emotional health, and combining nutrition with self-discovery and personal transformation.


The world works in cycles, and so does this program. We take a pause to reset your health then lay a brand new foundation for a new way of living that excites you. We revive your plans, your growth, your dreams and your ambitions that surpass what you could have done previously.


4 Women for 8 Weeks

the well woman

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This is for you if...

You crave a deeper level of grounded wellness in your life.
You want to lift the weight of overwhelm and anxiety off of your shoulders.
You want to be truly seen and heard for who you really are (not what you do).
You find yourself asking "when it will be my turn" to be taken care of.