10 Women for 9 Months


next program beginning September 2018


We believe that women are powerful beyond measure.


The society we live in tries to tell women how to look, how to feel, and how to fit in, and it’s time we dismantled that messaging.

Too many brilliant women have a negative relationship with their mental health, fighting against it and holding it as a liability to how far they can get in life.

We don't want women to hold themselves back because they have anxiety, or let the weight of judgments on “being emotional” impact how they view themselves or hold themselves back in fear of making mistakes.

We know that the antidote to shame is connection, so we've created a space for women to do just that.

Gather With Us


In the Well Women Program you’ll join and develop relationships with a curated group of nine other women who are willing to be brave, vulnerable, and authentic while growing who you are, nourishing yourself and transforming your relationship with your emotional and mental health.



Consider joining us if:

  • You experience anxiety and want to stop feeling like it has control over you;
  • You regularly find yourself being a doormat in relationships (you’re the giver – it’s what you know how to do to relate to people and show your love);
  • You’re afraid to ask for what you want in fear of losing everything;
  • You have great ideas but hide your intelligence to make sure others don’t feel inferior;
  • You dislike conflict and at times take on blame, fault or responsibility in order to avoid it (because you can handle it and don't want to upset someone else).
  • You hold complaints in in relationships until the dam bursts and it comes out in an emotional tsunami;
  • You wonder when someone will see just how great you are and give you what you deserve;
  • You can get in to analysis paralysis trying to do everything perfect and it results in a lot of overwhelm and stress;
  • You really hate (and, let’s be honest, are afraid of) making mistakes;
  • You’re a great cheerleader for others but wonder why your goals and aspirations aren’t coming true;
  • You really want to be successful at working in a career that you believe in but achieving it feels a million miles away;
  • You come up blank when asked, “what do you want?” even though you know you want something more out of life.



How we gather & what's included

The Well Woman Program is held online via video conference three times per month for 90 minutes each call for 9 months with the same group of women.

Over the course of the nine-months, we’ll have conversations that show you the patterns you’ve created in different areas of your life, and how to do something different. Each month our conversations will focus in depth on a topic area such as understanding your fears, relationships, connection, communication, self-love, health, career direction and more.

Kristin will facilitate the conversations and provide coaching on the monthly topics based on coaching requests from women in the group.

Between the group calls there will be exercises to take on that will support your growth and development, and Kristin will be available in the private group Facebook page daily for private and group chats, sharing resources and providing inspiration. 


By the end of the nine months you will:

  • have a reimagined relationship with yourself and anxiety that has you feeling revitalized and full of life;
  • feel understood and that you’re not so alone in this world;
  • have a deeper level of wellness in your life;
  • have shifted, grounded and aligned with who you really are;
  • feel more confident and radiant in who you are;
  • identify what you want and need and have the steps to make that vision a reality;
  • understand yourself in a new way that creates a freedom of expression and the weight off your shoulders to be perfect;
  • be creating, not surviving, your life.



 Early bird for September 2018 program start: $1000 per person for 9 months (ending Aug 20, 2018)

Regular price: $1200 per person for 9 months*


Optional add-on: $900 for nine x 60 minute one-on-one coaching calls (one one-on-one call per month)


*Payment installments available. There is limited space for sliding scale rates, please inquire with Kristin. In addition, you may be eligible to receive financial assistance through League Health Benefits or Neurological Wellness Association


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It’s tempting to look for a program that will tell you an exact outcome that you can see yourself wanting. It’s tempting to put your hope in someone else’s promise for what’s possible. This isn’t that program.


I won’t be dictating the tangible outcomes you will create, because this program is about developing your voice and vision of life. Rather, part of the program will be coaching on the outcome that you want for yourself using your own voice, wants and dreams.


You get to decide.

You get to create the edge for yourself.

You will develop the relationship with uncertainty and possibility that will actually create the breakthrough in your life that you’ve been searching for that will last much longer than the duration of this program. I'll be right there alongside you providing support.


This isn’t a program to fix your life, it’s a program to create it.


Frequently Asked Questions

I'm doing counselling/therapy already - is this similar?

No. Coaching is not a substitute for therapy. You can participate in coaching at the same time you are doing therapy with your therapist. I am trained to know the difference of what is a topic for therapy versus what we can coach around; part of the application process for Well Woman is having a conversation around how we manage that line.


How is this different from working with a therapist or counsellor?

Therapy generally looks backwards to seek to heal something that happened in your life. In coaching, we may look at the past to distinguish the stories and beliefs you have about yourself, but ultimately we're looking forward at what you want to create from here. 


Is there a framework or model of coaching you use? 

I coach primarily from an ontological coaching perspective, meaning that I study the nature of who you are being and provide reflections and coaching on the lens through which you're viewing the situation. I don't give advice, I don't tell you how to live the best life (because who am I to tell you what you want?), rather I provide useful distinctions, tools, practices and live-coaching so that you can see where you're anxiety comes from. I'm going to be the personal that challenges your truths and stories about who you are, always in service of you getting out of anxious mode and in to loving your life mode. 

This is a powerful mode of coaching. People try to 'fix' their anxiety by thinking the opposite of what they're afraid of. For example, if you're anxious about whether or not you're going to be rejected, you may go in to people-pleasing mode or make yourself extremely likeable. It's probably worked really well in the past, and may even now, but it has an expiration date because you'll realize that you're not part of the equation and usually suffer and get resentful that you're not appreciated for who you are, or decide to leave. In that scenario, you're just trying to fix a fear, such as that you're not lovable, but you made up the story to begin with. There's nothing to fix. In coaching, you get really clear on your stories, where they show up (hint: in all areas of your life), and then practice dismantling them over and over again so they no longer rule you and your behaviour and you can create your life from what you truly want.


What can I expect from a coaching call? 

Each call will be facilitated by me. I'll lead the topics on the calls with an introduction for about 10 minutes and then the rest of the call is dedicated to live-coaching. This is your opportunity to get support on something specific that you're challenged with. Or, if you're not the one getting coached, listen carefully because hearing someone else being coached is a huge benefit to everyone listening - you will see something for yourself that you didn't even realize you wanted clarity on. 


What happens the rest of the month between calls? 

You'll have insight and awareness in the calls, and it may take a few days to sink in. In addition, part of our work together will be practices that you take on outside of the calls. We'll connect over those and any other topics in our private Facebook group, so you always have a place to get support. 


Do you have a question I Haven't answered?