How to Create Nourishing Spaces in Your Life

I was recently interviewed for a Weight Watchers article titled "Zen Your Den" on how to create physical spaces around ourselves that were nourishing.

See what I had say about how you can create that space that nourishes you in the full article, here.

I love that question, and think it's a really important piece of how we nourish connection with ourselves. To be honest, it's one of the hardest pieces for me in the last two years being uprooted in my life and moving around (and why I'm even more excited to have our house completed). 

My space was one of the reasons that I absolutely loved my Vancouver condo - my bathroom had a big, beautiful soaker tub that I had lined with candles and epson salts and I could lower the lights down and fully relax. 

My bedroom felt like an oasis: I had painted one wall ombre from a dark turquoise to white, and I had beautiful white bedding and so many pillows. It felt like a getaway. I loved every single morning that I woke up there.

How can you make your space a place where you nourish yourself?