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It continues to amaze me what can be created from a simple conversation exploring what's possible. 


In one hour of conversation, Audrey and I agreed we want to shift how people feed themselves – physically, mentally and emotionally – and what better time to start than February: the love month.

Not only is this a great time to talk about how people connect with one another, but it’s also a great time to talk about what we put in our bodies (hello, healthy desserts!). 


Starting February 1, 2017, we’ll be sharing our own personal stories about what food and connection means to us on Instagram @consciousfoodmovement. You'll also find stories from people in all walks of life, sharing why they do what they do and how they've been impacted by health. 


My Story

In my late 20's I was reliably getting sick every six weeks the moment I stepped outside of my normal sleep or eating schedule.

If I stayed out late, I'd get sick. If I ate poorly one day, I'd get sick. If I drank alcohol, I'd get sick. 

I was eating impeccably to try to maintain health, but I was also under a lot of stress. Part of that stress was related to not speaking my voice and standing up for myself. 

As my health continued to decline I realized the impact of not only what we physically put in our body, but also the importance of self expression, confidence, worthiness and mental health in how healthy I was.

It wasn't enough to just eat well, I also had to be well: mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually.

As I took a holistic approach to healing myself, I found the deeper connection with myself and others that stripped away the fear, shame and guilt that I so often felt about who I was, and gradually replaced it with light, love and self-compassion. 

It's from this experience that I'm committed to working deeply with people on their health, finding courage in vulnerability, light in the shadows, and self love in fear.

I became a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and professional Life Coach, and started Gather & Stay, a landing pad for nourishing connections to self, others and nature, including a private coaching practice working with other heart-centred women want to shine their light brighter in the world from a foundation of health. 

Founder of Gather & Stay, Kristin Price

Founder of Gather & Stay, Kristin Price

My challenge to you is this:

the next time someone asks "how are you doing?" take a moment to pause and respond with how you're actually doing. Challenge yourself to remove the words "good", "fine", "great," and "okay" from your vocabulary. If you're doing well, share why. If you're struggling, say you're having a bad day.

When we have the courage to share what is authentic to us, we give permission to others to do the same.
— Kristin Price

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