wellness circle



Our mission is to cultivate connection, health and joy through authentic conversations on what matters most to us in life.  



Admission is complimentary. A 20-min phone interview is required with Kristin Price before you're accepted to join the group. This measure is taken to hear why each person wants to join the Wellness Circle, what they want to get out of it, ensure that each person understands the code of conduct, and their participation is genuine so the sanctity of the space can be held. Decisions on whether you're accepted to the group is the sole discretion of Kristin Price. Once you have been accepted you may participate in any Wellness Circle. 


You agree by participating in the Wellness Circle that everything you hear or say in the Wellness Circle is to be kept confidential and not to be repeated outside of the circle. You may speak about your own personal experience and what you got from someone else's share, but not share any details about that person.

For example, you may say: "wow, I realized I've been sabotaging myself with eating healthy because of an old family pattern." You will not say: "Catherine told me about her journey to healthy eating and I realized I totally do the same thing." 

Code of Conduct

We hold space for others to be who they truly are, without judgement or criticism, and provide support, advice and love when asked. It's important that in practicing asking for what we want and in respecting each other's needs and wants that the person speaking be clear and specific with what they require from the group, and that the group only provide that.

For example:

  • You may want to ask for congratulations on doing something well, so the group acknowledges you for what you've done. We congratulate you. We don't tell you what would make it better, how to do it next time, or any other comments. 
  • You've just gone through a breakup and request that we hold space for you to say what you need to say about it. We listen and see you. We don't provide advice, tell you it's going to be alright or comment in any other way. At the end, Kristin will simply say thank you, ask if you if you have any other request, and move to the next person.
  • You're stuck in a career move and request advice and recommendations on how to speak to your boss about a pay raise or change in position. We will speak up and provide advice and recommendations on what we think you should consider. It is up to the individual to decide what is right for them, and the group is not liable for the advice given.
  • You're struggling with anxiety, and request to receive acknowledgement and love. People offer you acknowledgement of who you are and who they know you to be, and send you love.  

It is an act of courage to come to these calls and open up. Any disrespectful behaviour will be first given a warning, and if it is repeated, will be banned permanently from the group.

You will not promote your services or business in the Wellness Circle. Failure to adhere to this will result in immediate termination from the Wellness Circle. If you are unclear about what constitutes 'promoting your service,' please seek clarification with Kristin Price in your interview. Participants have not joined the Wellness Circle to be promoted to or otherwise solicited.